Updated: December 26, 2017
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3 Great Places To Watch Kabuki In Japan

Kabuki has a long and rich history, and with it depicting time-cherished Japanese plays and novel Western influences alike, it's a must-watch! Here are 3 places to watch kabuki in Japan!

1) Yachiyo-za (Kumamoto)

Retina yayoi4
Built in 1910, Yachiyoza in Yamaga City, Kumamoto impresses visitors with its unique set-up. Be sure to check out the under-the-floor area - you'll be stunned by the huge revolving stage that transports characters from under the floor onto the stage! What's more, it is still operated by humans.

Another distinctive feature is the advertisement boards that decorate the ceiling. Merchants used to use these boards to advertise their goods and services, so it's fascinating to examine the kind of life Kumamoto people must have lived back then!

2) Shochiku-za (Osaka)

Osaka shochikuza 2010 goo.gl/KsiYAd
Easily accessible from Namba Station, Shochiku-za boasts a classy ambience with its attention-grabbing Neo-Renaissance style. No wonder the front of the building is affectionately known as the Arc de Triomphe of Dotombori! The interior of Shochiku-za certainly does not disappoint either. Not only is it equipped with Japan's fastest revolving stage, but it also has a suspension rail attached to the ceiling. This helps to propel performances to greater heights!

3) Kabuki-za (Tokyo)

Tokyo kabukiza %288702038002%29 https://goo.gl/hpHLiF
Cutting a grand and stately figure, Kabuki-za fits right in with the trendy mega-scale shopping malls in Ginza. Not only that, it is resilient. It may have been destroyed four times before - once by fire, once by earthquake, once by war, and once to facilitate the building of a skyscraper on top of it - but has always bounced back.

As its regular shows last about four hours, visitors uninitiated to kabuki but keen to have a feel of what it is like will do good to purchase single-act tickets. But act fast, for these tickets sell like hotcakes!
Want to gain a deeper appreciation of the Japanese psyche? Then clearly, kabuki is the way to go. Drop by any one of these three kabuki theatres the next time you are in Japan!

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