Updated: April 23, 2017
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3 Mind-blowing Robot Trends in Japan

Robots have been long used in Japan as caregivers for the elderly. But since they are so useful and adorable, they have been used by more and more industries. Read on to find out 3 new robot trends!

#1 Human-robot collaboration

Brazo rob%c3%b3tico jaco kinova https://goo.gl/mgpB4r
To counteract the impact of a declining population and improve work efficiency, many companies are looking into integrating robots into their operations. This is especially true of the construction industry where youth are turned off by the long working hours.

Case in point: Shimizu Corporation, a major construction firm. In the past, where robots were non-existent, it would take 6-7 burly guys to transport one 200-kg reinforcing rod. But with the aid of an arm-shaped robot, these days it just takes 3 guys to direct the robot and move the rod to another location.

#2 Robot entertainers

Charge of the fembots robot restaurant%2c shinjuku tokyo https://goo.gl/IWzlFj
Advances in technology mean that robots can be programmed to groove and flaunt funky dance moves, just like you and me. Head over to the Robot Restaurant in Kabukicho, Shinjuku and watch huge robots strut their stuff. Be dazzled by their surprisingly nimble moves and psychedelic looks!

And who can forget how Pepper, the robot companion developed by Softbank Robotics, could communicate with humans so well that it was the special guest for SMAP's “Mr.S-SAIKOU DE SAIKOU NO CONCERT TOUR-” way back in 2014?!

#3 Robot Companions

Retina one
Haven't found a partner yet? Fret not. Gatebox addresses the loneliness of young Japanese men by launching a virtual robot fronted by an irresistibly kawaii (cute) 3D hologram girl named Azuma Hikari. Not only does she wake them up for work and wait eagerly for their return at the end of the workday, but she also sends them text messages throughout the day, thus providing them with the oomph to power through their hectic work schedule! Aren't Japanese men lucky!
Working alongside robots, getting entertained by them and even living with them - these are the current hot trends regarding robots in Japan. Surely you will want to visit Japan now and have a paradigm-shifting, life-changing encounter with the robots there.

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