Updated: March 02, 2017
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3 Kinds Of Popular Kirakira Names In Japan

Kirakira names are popular in Japan now. Kirakira means "shiny", which means that parents give their kids unusual names so that they can stand out from the crowd. Let's read about these strange names!

#1 Names inspired by anime/manga characters

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Pokémon is a hit anime series in Japan, and its popularity is such that ANA even has Pokémon-themed planes! As such, it is no surprise that parents besotted with Pokémon name their children 光宙 (Pikachu)! Other kirakira names that are based on famous characters include 黄熊 (Pooh from Winnie the Pooh), 龍飛伊 (Luffy from One Piece) and even 士恵大 (Jedi from the iconic Star Wars)!

#2 Names inspired by food/animals/brands

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Japanese people also get inspired by popular foods, animals and even brands. Take for instance 夢希 (Naiki). Can you guess which global brand this name was inspired by? That's right - it is none other than the world-renowned brand, Nike! Or how about 姫凜 (Purin)? Can you tell that it is derived from the word 'pudding'? Meanwhile, 頼音 (Raion) is a kirakira name that is inspired by the word 'lion'. Fancy that!

#3 Names that express parents' hopes for children

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All parents naturally have high hopes for their children - and sometimes, these hopes are clearly indicated in their offspring's names! 王子 (Kingu) is used to denote their hopes that their son will grow up to be someone powerful and influential, just like a king. In fact, the most popular kirakira name in 2015 belongs to this category: 皇帝 (Shiizaa), a name that is based on Caesar!
Kirakira names are getting more and more common, so don't be surprised when you encounter a kirakira name next time. Instead, you should regale your Japanese friends with your knowledge of kirakira names, thanks to this article!

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