Updated: January 23, 2017
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4 Ways How To Relieve Daily Stress In Japanese Way

We all are stressed out because of daily hustles and busy and crazy life. Japanese ways of relieving stress is unique and you might want to try some out. It's spiritual, serene, and pacifying.

1. Zen Meditation

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Zen meditation is spiritually effective to relieve daily stress and pressure.
Close your eyes, breathe deep in and out, sit up straight, try to think of nothing of things.
Just a few minutes of meditation before you go to bed is said to be very effective to calm busy mind.
You can practice meditation anywhere, on the train, at your office, at your home.
However, the traditional meditation is available at Japanese temples.
The activity is called, "Zazen."
Within the pacifying atmsophere of temples, you can fully relax and let your worries and anxiety go out of your mind.
Try the Zen meditation for a little while at anywhere you would like.
You will notice that you can relax from the bottom of your heart.

2. Incense Therapy

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Similar to aroma therapy, incense therapy is also pacifying and relieving your stressful daily life.
The elegant scent of Japanese incense makes your mind calm.
And just watching the incense burn makes your more calm.
There are various kinds of scents such as lavender,sakura,sandal wood,and some special blends for meditation and daily use.
Once you sniff the scent of Japanese incense, you feel inner-serenity with absolute calmness.
Incense is definitly the way to reduce the stress and pressure.

3. Make Matcha Green Tea By Your Own

If you have any chance to attend a Japanese tea ceremony, that's the best.
However, you may not have so many of such opportunities.
Then I'd recommend you to try and make matcha green tea at your own home!
All you need is matcha powder, chawan or a tea bowl, "chasen" or tea whisk, and hot water.
If you try to make a bowl of matcha green tea conscientiously, you notice that you focus on making a tea and think of nothing else.
Try to be "here and now," let go of the past, try not to worry about the uncertain future.
Be at the moment...
That's one of the concepts of Japanese tea making.
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4. Ashiyu The Foot Spa

Ashiyu foot baths are very popular in Japanese onsen town.
Basically it's provided for free since the spa is for only feet.
It's warm and helps the fatigue to be relieved and the mind to be relaxed.
If there is no chance to try this foot spa in your country,
prepare some small tubs to fill up warm water and just put your feet in.

You may add some bath salts or aroma oil into the water so that you can enjoy the relaxing scent as well.
Ashiyu is super awesome in fact.
When you experience sore feet, this is one of the best ways to relieve the pain too!
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In The Last...

You can try those 4 tips to relieve the stress and pressure at your own home in your country easily.
For some activities, you may need some equipments, yet basically it's not so hard to obtain.
The Japanese have been searching for their original way to cure the stressful life for a long time.
The tradition and culture uniquely may bring you peaceful and pacifying feelings if you try once.
Here is some music so that you can relax through beautiful Japanese meditative music.

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