Updated: August 28, 2016
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Yukata: Comfortable And Lovely Designed Summer Kimono

Have you ever worn yukata before? It will be a good experience to wear the casual summer kimono for both men and women. Unlike kimono, yukata is easier and lighter to wear. Here is what it's about.

What's Yukata?

Yukata is a casual kimono that is made from a light cotton.
And mostly worn during the summer.
It's considered as a summer kimono since it is made with straight seams and wide sleeves.

Yukata consits of yukata, obi sash, geta sandals, and a small kinchaku bag.
What's obi? What are geta sandals? What's kinchaku?

Here are the pictures to describe what.
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This is the obi sash, which is tied in a bow.
Traditionally, the bow is tied on the back beautifully.
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This is a pair of geta sandals.
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This is a kinchaku or a Japanese small purse.

Unique And Pretty Designs

What makes Yukata unique and so lovely is its designs.
Especially yukata for women is amazingly beautiful and every design is different.
Flowers are typical and still popular while the modern designs such as polka dots, checked pattern, and geometrical pattern are getting popular as well.

The color of the basic and typical yukata has been indigo blue or white, yet nowadays, brighter colors such as pink, beige, red, emerald green, etc are popularly used.

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What About Yukata For Men?

Men's yukata is more simple compared to women's.
The colors are gray, dark gray, black, or dark blue.
The designs are also simple basically stripes or checked patterns.
Men also wear obi as a belt and wear geta sandals just like women.
Even though it's very simple and plain, the fabric breathes well, so you can feel cool once you wear yukata.

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What's The Difference Between Kimono And Yukata?

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The basic difference is in their fabric. A kimono comes in silk and more heavier while yukata comes in cotton fabric.
The cotton fabric breathes well, so yukata is worn especially during the hot summer season.

Kimono is basically super expensive to combine with beautiful yet heavy obi sash, tabi socks, and zouri shoes, and a special and expensive bag to carry while you wear a real kimono.

On the other hand, yukata is much cheaper (less than $100US)than kimono and is a good value for the price.

The Best Spots To Show Off Your Yukata Are...

The best spot to show off your yukata is hanabi or fireworks display!
Not only that, you basically can show off your yukata anywhere during the season.
It's definitely stylish and elegant to wear yukata.
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