Updated: October 19, 2016
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Satsuma Kiriko: Delicate Yet Beautiful Traditional Cut Glass

Have you ever heard of the Satsuma kiriko? It is a delicate yet beautiful cut glass which is traditional and historical. Here is what it looks like and what it is about.

What Is Satsuma Kiriko?

Satsuma means the Japanese domain in the Edo period and is associated with Kagoshima prefecture.
Satsuma kiriko is a type of traditional cut glass in Kagoshima pref.
It was manufactured from the late Edo period to the beginning of Meiji period.
Currently the faithful reproductions are produced.
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How Was It Invented?

Nariakira Shimazu, the 11 th generation of Shimazu clan lord of Satsuma (current Kagoshima) invited glass craftsmen from Tokyo to produce unique and original cut glass.

During the same period, Edo kiriko or Tokyo's traditional cut glass was invented and started to be manufactured.
The Edo kiriko cut glass gave Satsuma kiriko the idea and hints to create the beautiful and original cut glass.
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What Are The Characterstics Of Satsuma Kiriko?

Unlike the Edo kiriko, the Satsuma kiriko is more colorful and more delicate.
Yet at the same time, it is cut boldly so that it can make the glass a beautiful gradation of color.

The key features of Satsuma kiriko are deep and vivid coloring and delicate cutting.
The gradations of the coloring creates what this glass art unique, luminous, and vividly colorful.
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