Updated: March 29, 2017
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Edo Sensu Is Not Like The Other Usual Sensu

Sensu is Japanese folding fan. It's kind of old fashioned, but Edo Sensu is getting popular for all generations. Let's see how it is so special.

What is Sensu?

Sensu is Japanese folding fan, which has been used since 9th century.
Even nowadays, not many but some people still use sensu in summer.

Although some people think using sensu is old fashioned, there is a new trending item for all generations.

Edo Sensu

Edo is the old name of Tokyo. Kyoto is actually the famous place for sensu, but Edo sensu is catching attention these days.

Edo sensu has less frames than other sunsu. And the design is more simple.
Usual sensu are made of wood, plastic and silk. On the other hand, Edo sensu are made of only bamboo and washi(Japanese paper).
Img 0852a 1024x1024 https://japanese-goods.jp/collections/edosensukobo-matsui/products/edo-sensu-tonbo-otokomochi-for-men
Moreover, each Edo sensu is made by one craftsman by hand, so it takes time to make them.
The quality of Edo sensu is apparently pretty amazing, and it's kind of fragile.
You have to be careful not to wet and keep it with a cover paper when you don't use it for a long time.

Want to get one?

Artisan search hiroshi matsui https://japanese-goods.jp/collections/edosensukobo-matsui
If you are interested in the Edo sensu. You can make a purchase from the link below.

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