Updated: February 20, 2017
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4 Ways How To Prevent Heat Stroke In Japanese Way

It is getting really hot and humid in Japan during summer. Many people experience heat stroke due to the weather. Here are some tips to prevent heat stroke in Japanese way.

#1 Drink Sports Drink Regularly

In Japan, there are various kinds of sports drink available at convenience store and vending machine.
To prevent heat stroke, it is widely recommended to consume salt, minerals, and water.
A bottle of water contains only a few minerals, but Japanese sports drink contains lots of minerals and is tasty.
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#2 Use Uchiwa or Sensu

What's Uchiwa? What's Sensu?
They are both fans to create breeze and to cool down hot body.
It is a traditional way to cool down.
While you walk on the street in Japan during the blazing summer,
You can find many people using Uchiwa or Sensu to create breeze.
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#3 Uchimizu - Sprinkling Water-

Uchimizu is a traditional way of sprinkling water on the street or in front of one's own house, garden, and buildings.
It helps to cool down the temperature through the effect of heat vaporization during the hot summer.
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#4 Eat Japanese Stamina Food

When the temperature gets too hot, you may likely eat cold noodles or meal.
Some people say they lack of appetite due to the heat and humidity in Japan.
But the best way to prevent heat stroke, you need energy and power.
Then it's the best to have Japanese stamina food such as Unagi, Spicy Curry and Rice, and Gyoza dumplings.

In Japan, there is a tradition to eat unagi or the barbecued eels on the specific day in July. The traditional event is called, "Do Yo no Ushi no Hi."
Many Japanese eat the barbecued unagi on the day to increase stamina and prevent heat stroke.
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