Updated: October 19, 2016
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5 Occasions Japanese Ladies Wear Kimono

Actually there are not many occasions to wear kimono for Japanese people these days. But still, people wear kimono on right occasions. Let's check when Japanese people wear kimono.

#1 Summer festival / 夏祭り

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In every summer, there are tons of summer festival taken place in Japan.
The scale varies from the very small ones to the huge ones like Gion Festival in Kyoto, which lasts one month.

People, mostly young women, wear summer kimono(yukata) for the festivals. The scale of the festivals doesn't matter. Yukata date is actually one of the ideal dates for Japanese people.

#2 Wedding party / 結婚披露宴

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In Japan, there are two types of wedding style; one is western style and the other one is Japanese style. Recently, most couples prefer western style.

Therefore most people dress in western ways when they go to wedding parties in Japan, but wearing kimono is still totally fine.
For many ladies, wedding parties are good chances to find new partners. You can stand out by wearing kimono.

#3 First shrine visit / 初詣

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Many Japanese people go to shrines on the first day of the year. It is called "hatsumoude".
Because it is a traditional event, some people wear kimono to go to hatsumoude.

#4 Coming Of Age Ceremony / 成人式

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When Japanese people turn 20 years old, there is a celebration for becoming an adult in January.
Basically, men wear suits, and women wear kimono for the celebration.

At the ceremony, all of the men and women participating are brought to a government building and listen to many speakers, similar to a graduation ceremony.
But actually, it's more like a class reunion party for most people.

#5 College graduation / 卒業式

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This is just like seijinshiki. Men wear suits and women wear kimono.
In Japan, students graduate in March, so you may see many ladies with kimono if you visit Japan in March.

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