Updated: May 23, 2016
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Japanese Traditional Extreme Toy, Kendama

Kendama is one of Japanese traditional toys that were popular in the past. However, kendama are now becoming to get popular again in a modern style!

What is Kendama?

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Kendama is a traditional Japanese wooden toy which consists of two parts; ken and ball. Ken is a wooden cross with a spike on the top and three cups on both sides and the bottom. The ball has a hole to set on ken.

Kendama Tricks

For kendama's basic tricks, you only have to put the ball on a cup or the spike by holding ken. For high level tricks, it get extremely complicated. For instance, you have to hold the ball and make ken stand on it after throwing the ken in the air.

Kendama World cup!

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Kendama World Cup started from 2014 in Hatsukaichi-shi, Hiroshima where the first kendama in today's form was manufactured. This world cup is run by GLOKEN, the organization established in 2012 in order to promote kendama culture and connect worldwide kendama fan.

The Coolest kendama tricks with Street performance!

The reason why kendama became popular again is that kendama and street dance performance got together! Kendama was considered as an old toy played by kids decades ago. However, somewhere around 2007, videos of kendama with street dance performance were uploaded on the Internet from outside Japan. Those videos grabbed people's attention to kendama more than ever. Since then, kendama became popular again in a modernized style and re-imported to Japan! Don't miss the amazing kendama tricks!
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