Updated: August 09, 2016
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6 Must-go Stalls You Have To Know Before Going To Japanese Festival

When you go to a natsumatsuri 夏祭り (summer festival), you can't miss going to stalls! If you want to experience and feel the atmosphere of traditional omatsuri, there are certain stalls you must visit!

Natsumatsuri, Japanese summer festival!

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Natsumatsuri, a traditional summer festival, is something you must go to if you come to Japan during the summer!

Yukata, traditional dance, and fire works. There are many essential factors for natsumatsuri, but the most important factor is stalls!

#1 Yakisoba

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Yakisoba is the king of natsumatsuri food!

They don't make yakisoba with a special recipe, but the smell of the sauce, sizzling sounds, and the atmosphere of natsumatsuri makes its taste the best!

#2 Ikayaki

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Ikayaki is a grilled squid. It's not commonly eaten among Japanese, but strongly connected to the image of natsumatsuri.

When you walk by an ikayaki stall, you can smell the soy sauce and grilled squid. The smell is so nice, you can't get away!

#3 Ringoame

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Ringoame, a candy apple, is one of popular desserts in the event.

It's not delicious nor easy to eat. However, Japanese people eat it anyway because it makes everyone feel nostalgic.

#4 Kingyo-sukui

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Kingyosukui is a traditional game played in Japanese festivals.
You need to catch gold fish with a small paper scoop. If you are able to catch any gold fish, you can take it back to your home as your new pet.

There are some similar games played at matsuris such as superball-sukui and yo-yo tsuri.

#5 Shateki

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Shateki is Japanese way of saying a cork bullet shooting. It isn't easy to get prizes because of the performance of gun and bullets.

Mostly prizes are inexpensive snacks and cheap toys, but there are also expensive ones.

Don't be too greedy! It's almost impossible to win those.

#6 Omen

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Not 'Omen' the film! In Japanese, it means a costume mask.

Having one on your head (though not wearing) would make you look like you know something about Japanese culture!
6th year uni student! Trying to figure out a way to survive in Japanese society.

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