Updated: February 29, 2016
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Ani-son Dance Battle; Funny And Cool Style Of Dance

Ani-son is an abbreviation of Anime song. Now, do you know about break dancing? Usually break dancers dance to Hiphop or Funk music. But in Japan, there is a very interesting way of dance battle! The participants dance only to Ani-son!

About Dance Battle

Recently, street dance has become quite popular, so there are a lot of dancers regardless of their age.
With the increase in dancer's population, the number of street dance battles has also increased.

Dance battles are held at dance clubs or dance studios.
It is composed of Participants, Judges, MC, audiences, and the DJ.

The DJ plays the battle music and participants will dance to said music, while judges make a judgement(raising his hand toward whom they think danced better).

There is very big championship(Dance@Live http://www.dancealive.tv/dancealive) in April 2016, which decides the No.1 in Japan , and even is held at Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo.
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What is Ani-son Battle?

Ani-son battle, which is anime song battle, is when the DJ plays only Japanese anime songs and the dancers dance to such songs and show the judges their skills. Along with their love for Anime and Japanese pop culture!

Normally, DJs play only dance music (Hiphop, Funk, etc...), but in these battles they play only Anime songs.
But as you will see by watching the video below, the dancers participating in the battle are great and very skilled!
Check it out!

As shown in this movie, these dancers are very very skillful!
They may seem like they're just joking around , however they are actually quite wonderful, I can't do that!
Logo http://akiba-street.jp/
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RAB(Real Akiba Boys)

They are the pioneers of Ani-son dance and they made this competition.


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