Updated: January 26, 2016
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Let's Learn About The Japanese Skyscraper, Tokyo Tower

When you think of a symbol of Japan, it may well be Tokyo Tower. Yes, it took great part in the Japanese history, but few people know the detail and the relationship with TOKYO SKYTREE.

1. What is Tokyo Tower?

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It's a tower to give off electric wave for Japan to watch TV in their home. In the past, the TV programs were on the air depending on the local towers, but it marred the landscape and view of Japan, somebody said. This lead to the building of the "centralized tower" for the whole country, and the project started.

2. Why is Tokyo Tower so high?

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When building the tower, the main people there propagandized that the height should be the highest in the world. The feature must attract many people around the world beyond Japan, and it will help them recovering the cost for the tower.
His explanation persuaded others and the Tokyo Tower got made as the 333-meter-high tower, which is much higher than Eiffel Tower.

3. What is the relationship with TOKYO SKYTREE?

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When the digital terrestrial broadcast was planned to start in Japan, people were afraid that the height of Tokyo Tower might be not enough not to bring about the problem of reception for the distant areas. This was the start of the building of TOKYO SKYTREE, which is the second tower in Japan to give off electrical wave.
After 2013, Tokyo Tower finished its role and TOKYO SKYTREE took over the duty. Now, Tokyo Tower is a famous destination for sightseeing.

4. He never loses the importance

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Actually, just in case that TOKYO SKYTREE should be out of order for some incremental weather or something like that, Tokyo Tower is still having the function. He is ready to back up his junior.
Akitsugu Domoto

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