Updated: March 28, 2016
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Japanese Anime Inspired Makeup: Byojaku

Byojaku literally meaning 'sickly and weak', but what kind of make up is Byojaku really? Read to find out more!

Are you an anime lover?
I bet you browse around the internet searching for anime related images, especially fanarts and doujins.
The anime fandom is so fun and it's good to find a community to share, right?

So do I, and lately, I've been noticing the increase of anime-styled illustrations that have characters literally blushing for no apparent reason. Especially girls.

For instance...
I don't have to mention that there are tons of anime illustrations with the blushing look on their characters.
Not blaming them though, girls with pale faces and a little blushed face is without doubt, cute.

Which is why Japanese girls (especially high-schoolers) are so obsessed with Byojaku makeup!

Byojaku Look?

Byojaku (病弱) makeup literally means 'sickly and weak'. This kind of makeup is really popular in Japan, because in general looking weak makes men want to protect you more, or so how it is believed here...

I'm talking about this kind of look, when you look a little bit feverish with pale skin and blushing cheeck (which makes you look weak too):
The makeup trend continues to rise (even now) and it might have become a source of inspiration for this particular Little Red Riding Hood eyeshadow pallete.

An eyeshadow pallete is also available, originally created by a Japanese Anime-styled Illustrator TCB based on a fairy tale story.
This project was initially imagined by popular anime-styled illustrator TCB, who has drawn several fairy-tale inspired makeup palettes before. After that, TCB began the campaign of crowdfunding at Makuake to produce it for real, and by now more than 1 million yen has been successfully collected from the campaign.
you can check the campaign page here:

Step by Step

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Generally there are 3 points of this makeup look:

The first one is to have a pale, clear white healthy skin, so applying bb/cc cream and concealer to hide dark spots and redness is as important as any other Asian makeups!

Don't forget to moisturize your skin to retain the healthy glow!
Here's the highlight of this makeup: red blush under eye area.
You should not sweep it as wide as the one in Igari makeup trend I've introduced to you guys before.
The next point is straight eyebrow which originally became a trend in Korea (hence dubbed as 'korean style brows'), and Japan following the trend short after.

The reason is because you want to look 'weak', you have to draw your eyebrow straight because opposite to the American styled arched eyebrows (which look powerful and bold), straight eyebrows will make you look youthful and cute.

This is a comparison of both type made by a Youtuber:
Detail 518 %e5%b7%ae%e3%81%97%e6%9b%bf%e3%81%88 https://www.makuake.com/project/frentrep-eyeshadow/
The complete look should look like this!


I doubt there are any 'looks' that can beat the 'want to protect' feelings, other than this 'weak and cute' look. Right?

Please try it yourself, and share to your friends to inform!

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