Updated: January 13, 2016
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Why Not Catch Classroom Attention With Pen Spinning?

Sometimes, people get bored listening to a lecture. What do you do in such situations? In Japan, some people spin their pens! Pen spinning is a simple, easy, cool trick that you can do anywhere!

Traditional Japanese Culture 'Pen Spinning'

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When you are in your class listening to a boring lecture, what do you do?
Day dreaming? Sleeping? Checking your smartphone?
Why not start practicing spinning your pen from tomorrow, so that you can grab the attention of your classmates?

You'll find yourself absorbed in the exciting and interesting world of pen spinning!

When and where did it start?

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It is said that the pen spinning already existed before the Second World War in Japan, but no one knows when it actually started.

This pen spinning culture boomed after the development of the Internet.
Videos uploaded on the web enabled people around the world to see this interestingly unique culture born in Japan!

Check the coolest tricks!

Are you ready to spin?

If you got interested in pen spinning, how about starting it from now?
You can practice pen spinning anywhere, anytime.

Give it a shot!

(Just keep in mind that it can make more sound than you think, so be careful when you spin during lectures!)
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