Updated: May 01, 2016
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How to Opt for Suitable "Sake" for Yourself. The First Step for "Sake-Beginners"

What is the most popular "Japanese" drink? Maybe, many people will answer, "Green tea" or "Matcha". However, if you love liquor, you will answer "Sake". Sake is Japanese-indigenous liquor. You want to know how to choose right one? Okay, let's learn.

How to get along with sake

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Sake is also called "Rice wine". As it says, the ingredient of sake is rice. The taste is different from other liquor, and many Japanese adults love it. In some celebrations, Japanese people drink sake as auspicious liquor. But there are many sorts in sake, which may be a little complicated. There are many kinds of sake, and you should choose right one to satisfy your palate according to your preference. You want to know how to choose right one? Okay, let's learn.

A little about the kind of sake

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The point is mainly two: First, see the sake is made from only rice and water. Some sake contains additives, but others don't. The latter is especially called "Jun-Mai" one, whose flavor is more subtle; second, see how refined the rice is. Most of sake uses 30%-refined rice for the taste of starch, but some refine more than 40% of the rice to soften the taste. If the rice is refined by 40%, the sake is called "Gin-Jo". If refined more than 50%, it is "Dai-Gin-Jo". And finally, if you want both of strong taste and flavor, you should choose "Choki-Jukusei-Shu", which is kind of vintage sake.

For beginners...

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However, it is very difficult to master how to opt for suitable sake for yourself. So, the most fail-proof way is just asking your dealer to help you to choose the nicest one. Tell him/her about your preference; do you like fruity taste, "rice-like" one or unique one? Begin with your favorite one and enjoy your journey to your perfect sake.

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