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5 Essential Ingredients In The Japanese Cuisine

Japanese cuisine lovers sure must grab these basic elements that exist nearly in every Japanese meal.

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Ochazuke, Simple But Not So Plain

Ochazuke is just that, a happy marriage between rice and tea.

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Give A "Slurp" With Somen Noodles

Ramen, Udon and Soba may be known nowadays around the world... (or not). But do you know the most thinnest noodles favored in Japan? It's called as Somen noodles. They are less than 1.3 millimeter in diameter. Know more about how they are served!

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Sushi Filled In A Bean Bag? Meet Inarizushi

Did you know that there's a sushi which looks totally different with the others? Introducing Inarizushi which is kind of a sushi ball that is wrapped up with seasoned "aburaage" (deep fried Tofu). Try the new taste.

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The Crash Course Of "How To Use Chopsticks"

Are you a good chopstick user? When having a meal in Japan, most commonly you will have to use a pair of chopsticks. Since it may seem to be a bit difficult, some people use them in their own way. However, historically Japanese people say that the way he/she uses a pair of chopsticks reflects himself/herself. Yes, the usage of chopsticks represents the decency of Japanese culture. So, it may seem "unmannerly" to use them in your original way. Let's learn the correct manner to use them here.

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Can Use Them Right? Chopstick Etiquette

It is always difficult to learn local manners - can you use chopsticks correctly?

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