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Craftsmanship Wizardry Behind 3 Japanese Everyday Products

Japanese-made products make for great presents as artisans put their knowledge of time-honoured craftsmanship traditions to good use. Let's learn about how 3 everyday products are made!

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Check Out Our Brand New Japanese Goods Shopping Website

We started new business to spread the attraction of Japanese culture and tradition worldwide. We'd like you to take a look at our selected collection. Some items are at a good bargain.

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5 Recommended Made-In-Japan Gifts To Your Friends Or Family

Do you like to give gifts? If the answer is yes, why not consider Japan-made goods. Now that you can get anything you want through the internet, all you need is information. Here are five of good Japanese gifts!

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The Center Of Japanese Lacquered Chopsticks: Wakasa

Do you know there are a few types of chopsticks in Japan? The authentic ones are called nuri-bashi. And Wakasa is the place that produces about 80% of it. Let's check the details about the chopsticks.

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Mistakes You Should Never Make When Using Chopsticks

Do you know about these chopstick taboos, which you should never do in Japan??

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Nice Methods To Correct Your Way To Use Chopsticks

Do you know how to use chopsticks? Many of them may answer, "Yes, of course". However, is your way really true? If you want to be close to real Japanese, should know the correct one.

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Do You Know The Difference Between Japanese, Chinese And Korean Chopsticks?

When you hear of "chopsticks", you may think of Japanese culture. However, China and Korea also have a culture of chopstick use. Actually, there is a difference between the chopstick styles, and it says a lot about the culture of their diet.

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The Crash Course Of "How To Use Chopsticks"

Are you a good chopstick user? When having a meal in Japan, most commonly you will have to use a pair of chopsticks. Since it may seem to be a bit difficult, some people use them in their own way. However, historically Japanese people say that the way he/she uses a pair of chopsticks reflects himself/herself. Yes, the usage of chopsticks represents the decency of Japanese culture. So, it may seem "unmannerly" to use them in your original way. Let's learn the correct manner to use them here.

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Can Use Them Right? Chopstick Etiquette

It is always difficult to learn local manners - can you use chopsticks correctly?

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Master Of Chopsticks Should Know When You Use Them

Japanese people use chopsticks almost all the time. Here's the foods they eat with chopsticks, and which they don't. Some of them might be unexpected for you. You can also learn how to use them.

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