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Dewa Sanzan : The Heart Of The Japanese Mind

Dewa Sanzan, refers to Hagurosan, Gassan, Yudonosan. It is a major mountain that divides "Dewanokuni (current Yamagata / Akita)" between east and west. It is a popular place as a sightseeing spot and place of mountain worship. Even now, many examinees and worshipers visit.

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The Festival Of Good Harvest

This event is where gods are sent prayers for a profitable harvest. This festival will be held in Akita Prefecture, and it is one of the three great festivals of the Tohoku area alongside the Nebuta Festival in Aomori and the Tanabata Festival in Sendai.

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Beautiful Winter Festival In Japan: Akita Kamakura Matsuri

One of the wonderful festivals held every year in Akita prefecture of Japan.

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3 Famous Summer Festivals In Tohoku Regions

Summer is coming in Japan. And it is time for festivals again!

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5 Things To Do In Akita, Japan

Akita prefecture has its own unique traditional culture, and here are 5 things do in Akita.

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