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5 Tips To Enjoy Anisong Concert

Here’s my experience in Mizuki Nana’s concert at Kagoshima, back in 2014. So, if you’re going to any Anisong concert, here are some tips for you to take note:

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4 Keys Of How Kabuki Evolves With Time

Japanese Kabuki is introducing "NEW" elements into their performances, pulling audiences in fresh ways of understanding the human nature.

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Minyo(民謡): Japanese Traditional Folk Songs

There are many types of Japanese traditional folk music. They can be categorized as children’s songs, work songs, religious songs, ballads, as well songs that accompany dancing at festivals. Most of prefecture has their own traditional folk song.

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7 Highly Recommended Films by Studio Ghibli

Have you watched Ghibli films? You might have already watched some of their movies. If you find some of them you haven't, we recommend to watch them. These seven films are still gaining tremendous popularity. The works by studio Ghibli teach us about peace, courage, life, war, nature, etc.

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